Managing Garbage and Yard Waste Collections

Garbage container with green top is for household waste and it is picked up Tuesday and Friday mornings.  Pick up is usually early morning and the container can be put roadside the night before scheduled pick up.

Garbage container with yellow top is for recycling items and it is picked up Thursday.  Pick up times vary but the container can be put roadside the night before scheduled pick up.

Garbage container with green top can also be used for yard waste that picks up on Thursday morning. Pick up is usually early morning and before the recycling pick up that same day. 

Alternate waste container can be used for yard waste and should not be any larger than the Waste Management containers.  Yard debris can also be cut to less than 48 inches in length and left on the apron of the drive way or in the grass easement next to the drive way. 

DO NOT put waste containers or yard debris on the cement pads that contain storm water access manholes or in our street gutter areas.  The automated waste trucks can accidentally damage the cement drain structure when picking up waste cans on those cement manhole pads.    Our street gutters drain into the storm water drains that flow from detention pond to pond, finally emptying into the river water.  Putting yard waste in the gutters endangers the patency of our storm water drains - causing clogging, backup and possible flooding during heavy rain events.

Special pick up - Waste Management must be called and a special pickup scheduled for any items that will not fit inside a container or yard debris that is not in the specifications as described above.

**Reminder to check the holiday schedule pick up for Sunset Lakes and Island Estates. If a scheduled pick up day falls on a holiday, Waste Management usually does not “make up” that scheduled collection.

**Note:  If owners engage a commercial service to trim trees or shrubs, owners are responsible to make sure they follow Brevard County Ordinance and remove those cuttings from the community at the time of the trimming. They should NOT be left at in the yard, easement, gutter or street.

Waste Management Co Contact

Phone Number (866) 724-2989 

Recycling Information Link:

Reclaimed Water for Sprinklers

Contact for Reclaimed Water

Contact information for the Sykes Creek plant is  321-455-1338.

Contact information for the  Brevard County Utility Services Reuse Hotline is 321-637-5477, option 2.  

The Board and Property Manager maintain the common area irrigation system, each home owner is responsible for their own irrigation system and the county maintains the other areas of the system.