Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

 The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is an important part of Sunset Lakes HOA.  They are elected by home owners and tasked with reviewing, evaluating and either approving or disapproving requests for construction, including exterior additions to homes, roofing, fencing, shutters, decks, driveways and paint. The ARC follows the Declarations regarding allowed construction and encourages harmonious continuity in Sunset Lakes, adding guidelines from time to time to assist Owners in this effort. They require a completed ARC form and may require other items such as surveys, depending upon the request. 

ARC has 30 days to respond to a request; most requests are handled within 7 business days.

The ARC form below, should be completed and sent to ARC at  

Current ARC Committee Members:

  • Bill Probst
  • George Kraft
  • David Lerret
  • Diane Gray
  • Jeff Lamke

Basic Rules


It is against Florida state law to block a pedestrian walk-way and may present a safety hazard for our owner and guest pedestrians.  Parked vehicles are allowed in garages, on driveways, in the main park parking lot and street parking (not overnight).



There are areas in Sunset Lakes where Drainage Easements are designed as part of the storm water system.  These drainage easements are required by the St. John's River Water Management District per our HOA permit.  Some of these easements are found in the rear or side of a property.  It is very important that the drainage easements be kept clear of yard debris, trash and any structures or plantings that may obstruct the flow of storm water.  



When a storm is close, it is wise to reduce or turn off home irrigation systems, as our property management company will do for the common areas.  That will keep our grounds from being over saturated and unable to absorb the heavy rainwater that may follow.