Sunset Lakes Board of directors

The current HOA Board is proud to assist Sunset Lakes community.  We are a group of individuals that have a wide variety of experience and backgrounds, but all of us are full-time working members of the larger Brevard County community.  We have volunteered our personal time to make Sunset Lakes a great place to live.   


We welcome your input and questions through emails and at the board meetings.  Please keep in mind that if you email the board, we may need to take a bit of time to respond.  We are a group of people that are responding as one body, and cannot always provide individual answers or may take time to confer with each other before providing a response.  Often, we use the board meetings to openly discuss questions from homeowners and capture the action and discussion in the meeting minutes. 

Current Board

President - Ron Davis 

Vice President - Dave Cheney

Secretary - Lee Tibbitts 

Treasurer - Julie Song 

Director at Large -Tim Bowlin

Email the Board at


If there is a change in schedule, location or an additional meeting is needed, it will be posted on the Notices section of this site and on the community bulletin boards.  Board meeting agendas may be available to owners at the meeting and will be accessible in the Documents section of this site.  Minutes of Meetings are posted in the Documents section of this site as they are approved.

Notice of Membership meetings, as well as Annual and Budget meetings, and other needed information are sent electronically or by USPS to all Owners. 

volunteer committees

Financial Over-site -  Chair –Julie Song/ Members:  Pat Kerr, Lee Tibbitts

Helping Hands -  Chair - TBA/ Members: long list and growing

Hurricane Preparedness -  Chair - Lee Tibbitts / Members: Dave Cheney

Landscape -  Chair -TBA/ Members: Tim Bowlin 

Social/Holiday -  Chair – TBA/ Members:  OPEN

Storm Water - Chair – TBS/ Members: OPEN

Security -  open

Traffic -  Chair – Tim Bowlin/ Members: Pat Kerr  

Website -  Chair - April Wagner / Members: Jacki Tibbitts, Lee Tibbitts

Welcoming -  Chair -TBA / Members:  Joanne Parisien, Nancy Hughes


The board welcomes new volunteer committee ideas and new volunteers for existing committees.  If any of these volunteer opportunities sounds like your cup of tea, please email