A private, gated community located on North Merritt Island

Our deed restricted community consists of 469 single family homes with an exclusive pier on the Indian River, playgrounds, gazebos, tennis courts, ten unique lakes, docks, bridges, basketball court and fishing galore.


We are a collaborative community that supports diversity and integrity in a value-enhanced environment.


Board of Directors


President - Mary Hillberg

Vice President - Vacant

Secretary - Linda Stasik

Treasurer - Vacant

Director at Large - Bill Hillberg

Neighborhood FUn

Indian River Pier


Parties in the Park


Busy Tennis Courts


Community Events


Natural Flora


Dog Heaven




Judging was on December 18, 2018 PM

The ANNUAL SLHOA CHRISTMAS HOME DECORATING EVENT was coordinated this year by the Social/Holiday Committee Chairperson, Amber Cochran.  This year, the Judges (from another HOA) found there were so many lovely decors, they decided to award a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place for Commercial with an additional award just for Religious.   

So everyone can check out the winners now, here they are below. We will publish pics of them with their prizes  as soon as they can be taken and put on our site.


1st Place - The Slocums at 3521 Tipperary  Drive

2nd Place -  The Rowlands at 3759 Sierra Drive

3rd Place - The Kisers at 3542 Tipperary Drive 

Religious :

1st Place - The Crawfords at 3982 Tradewinds Trail  


Above picture:

 Glen & Katherine Crawfords of 3982 Tradewinds won the 2018 Best of Show for a Religious Display. Their full nativity scene was a gentle reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. They requested their prize be given to a needy family. 


First Commercial


3521 Tipperary has been a spectacular display every year.  They outdid themselves with their giant Nutcracker Soldiers guarding the Christmas celebration.

Second Commercial


3759 Sierra has been a many time winner of the SLHOA Decor Awards.  Their display of fantasy is always brilliant.

Third Commercial


3542 Tipperary was a joyful display bringing a child's candy cane Christmas to life.

The Slocums


    The Slocums of 3521 Tipperary Drive 

The Rowlands


The Rowlands of 3759 Sierra Drive

The Kisers


The Kisers of 3542 Tipperary Drive


Living and working together

Association Meetings

A short board meeting is scheduled for 2 PM on February 15th at the Moose Lodge #2073 in Merritt Island.  No other business is planned for this meeting. An agenda will be available at the meeting.

Regular monthly Board meetings are currently scheduled for the fourth Thursday of the month,7:00 PM at The Moose Lodge, 3190 Courtenay Pkwy, Merritt Island. If there is a change in schedule or location, it will be posted on this site and on the community bulletin boards. Board meeting agendas are available to Owners at the meeting and often on this site. Minutes of Meetings are posted in the Downloads section of this site as they are approved.

Notice of Membership meetings, as well as Annual and Budget meetings,  and other needed information are sent electronically or by USPS to all Owners.  

The next Membership meeting is February 28th, 7PM at the Moose Lodge #2073, 3150 N. Courtenay Parkway, Merritt Island.  This is the 2019 Annual Membership and Election meeting.  It is hoped all will attend and vote for a full Board of Directors and Architectural Review Committee (ARC) members. You may also be nominated from the floor at the election meeting to run for a position on our Board and ARC.  Both really need members, so don't be shy. 

In the mailing noticing our Annual Membership meeting, you may find  Designated Voted and Proxy forms.  You must send in your designated voter per instructions using the pink address slip as provided, unless you alone are on the deed to your home.  

We hope everyone attends the meeting, but sometimes it is hard getting to meetings with family and work taking priority. You may send in your proxy using the blue address slip as provided, for the Secretary to either count for your presence to reach a quorum or to vote for you, as well. You may aIso sign your proxy to have another HOA member add your name for a quorum or vote in your stead.   

So, let's all do something that gets us a quorum and be able to elect a board for the 2019-2020 year. The majority of the members now serving are not able to continue another year, and we must have enough to provide a board for our HOA.

There are six Owners who want their names advertised, as they are anxious to be on our board.  They are Paul Artrip, TIm Bowlin, Joe Lea Hearn, Carolyn Mahoney, Lee Tibbitts and April Wagner.  

Let's all vote to have a board that will keep Sunset Lakes a great place to live!

Monthly Community Garage Sales

Gates may be open for monthly garage sales on the first Saturday of each month from ~8 AM to ~2 PM. 

Committees for volunteers

Please email the board at board@slhoa.info to volunteer for a committee. Those currently in place include:

  Welcoming Committee -  Chair and one member in place 

  Social/Holiday Committee  - Chair in place 

  Stormwater Committee - Chair and two members in place

  Hurricane Preparedness Committee  - Chair and one member in place


Each committee selects a Chairperson and submits a Charter (purpose, goals, implementation, recommendations - activities, members and contact info) for Board approval.     

It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”      

Ralph Waldo Emerson                           

Architectural Review Committee

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC)  is a important part of Sunset Lakes HOA.  They are elected by Owners and tasked with reviewing , evaluating and either approving or disapproving requests for construction, and all exterior additions to our homes, including roofing, fencing, shutters, decks, driveways, paint, etc. The ARC follows the Declarations regarding allowed construction and encourages harmonious continuity in Sunset Lakes, adding guidelines from time to time to assist Owners in this effort. They require a special form be filled out and according to the nature of the request, may need other items such as surveys, as well. The ARC form is in the download section of this site. When you have filled out the form, please send it to the ARC at arc@slhoa.info.  Also see the 2019 Rules & Guidelines that clarify many of the Declarations and may help Owners in many areas.  These may be found on the Downloads section of this site.


As we move through areas that require maintenance & repair we are prioritizing, as needed.  We have "Leads" on some SL streets and need more. This is a volunteer position to alert the board regarding specific safety issues that may develop on their streets.  If you wish to serve your community in this simple, but important way, please notify the board via email at board@slhoa.info. There are many tasks that need to be done to make Sunset Lakes a better place to live. Thanks!


Q- Where do we find the Bylaws, C&Rs, Articles and other governing documents for Sunset Lakes HOA?

A- Those documents should be provided by the seller of the property at closing. If they were not or have been lost, Sentry can provide them electronically or a hard copy may be provided at a small charge. These documents are also found in the download section of this site. Proposed 2019 Rules & Guidelines are available now and the final copy will be added soon.

Q - In the event of a conflict in documents, what is the order of precedence for an HOA in Florida?

A - State Statutes, Declarations of Covenants & Restrictions, Articles, Bylaws, Guidelines, Rules.

Q- Where do I find a map of Sunset Lakes?

A- Maps of both Sunset Lakes and Island Estates are found in the download section of this site. Note these are not to scale and cannot be used for legal purposes.

Q - Who should we contact if we need to clarify or address a situation about the HOA?

A - Either the Property Management company or the board. Sentry Management Company is our Property Management Company. The SLHOA Property Manager of Sentry Management, Inc., is Sue Stewart LCAM who may be reached via email - sstewart@sentrymgt.com.  Please be patient.  Our community is large and the property management firm is new to us. Responses may take longer than the 48 hour goal.  The contact email for the board it is at board@slhoa.info.  Please recognize our board members are volunteering their time to support the entire community.

Q- What is the difference between the Property Manager and the Board of Directors?

A-  The Property Manager manages the association; the Board governs the association.

Q- Will our dates for assessments or the amount due change?

A- The dates for our semi-annual assessments (January 1 & July 1 of each year) and the amount ($330) will stay the same for the 2018-2019 year. The amount of assessments may change when the elected board of directors raises or lowers them. Some Owners choose to send their semi annual dues ($330) via check to the Sentry office in Rockledge. The mailing address for Sentry is at the footer of this webpage.  Be sure your check is payable to "SUNSET LAKES HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION, INC." and note your SLHOA property address on the check for proper credit. Sentry will send invoices/coupons with instructions regarding where to send payment. Note that use of a credit card will require an extra use fee. To avoid that, checks or money orders are encouraged. Cash is not accepted.

Q- For hurricane information, how do we find the Brevard County Emergency Preparedness info?

A- http://www.brevardfl.gov/EmergencyManagement/Preparedness .  We also have a newly formed Hurricane Committee that needs extra hands before and after hurricane events. 

Q- In the event of a non-violent emergency, who should we call?

A- The non-violent contact for the Brevard County Sheriff's Department is 321-633-7162. Our Property Manager Sue Stewart LCAM at sstewart@sentrymgt.com should also be notified, as well as the board at board@slhoa.info.

Q- In the event of an emergency where life or property is in imminent danger, who should we call?

A- 911 is the appropriate call for an emergency.  Our Property Manager and Board should also be notified, of course.


AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon cellular phone customers in Brevard County now have the option to Text-to-9-1-1 in an emergency beginning today - 7.26.2018.  This follows technological upgrades at the county’s 11 Public Safety Answering Points that receive 9-1-1 emergency calls. Customers of the four major wireless carriers can now send a text (up to 140 characters) directly to 9-1-1 in an emergency in which a call is not possible, or when speaking out loud would put the caller in danger.  Also, Text-to-9-1-1 provides a route for the deaf, hard of hearing, and speech impaired.    We have gotten a couple of questions on how to use Text-To-911 correctly and wanted to make sure we addressed those issues: * Area codes do not determine if your text goes through. * Do not text to test the system * To text 911, type 911 in the “To”, enter the location (+ city) and type of help needed (Police, Fire or Ambulance) in the Message, and Send.

Sentry Management Company

Sentry Management Company is our Property Management Company.  Our Property Manager is Sue Stewart LCAM at  sstewart@sentrymgt.com.  


Owners in Sunset Lakes HOA are familiar with the governing documents relative to our deed restricted community. When closing on their home, all are required to sign a document stating they had read these and agreed to follow them.  

If you are new to Sunset Lakes, please contact Sentry Management, provide your contact information and request to have your personal code entered into the gate system and remote for your convenience.  

All Owners in SLHOA should to Register as an SLHOA homeowner on the Sentry website at http://accesssentrymgt.com/dx/sentrywp/index.html# in order to be able to access their own private accounts as well as other information about our community.  A tutorial is available to guide through the registration.  For those who are not comfortable with computers, please call Sentry and set up an appointment to go to the office in Rockledge and staff will help you register.

The dates for our semi-annual assessments are January 1st & July 1st of each year and the amount is $330.  Sentry will send out invoices/coupons via email or snail mail in the month before the due date.  Credit card payments will have an extra fee attached due to the credit card company's charge for use.



News & Information


The last regular monthly board meeting was held as scheduled January 24th, 2019, 7 PM at the Moose Hall in Merritt Island. The agenda and relevant documents were posted on this site before the meeting.  Unfortunately, due to a lack of attendee propriety, the meeting was adjourned before all new information was shared with attendees.  Some of this information included:

  • Reclaimed water system is having technical issues.  Watering may be available between 8a and 12 noon  rather than later until the issues are resolved.

  • Most disrupted sidewalks and other concrete areas in SLHOA were repaired or replaced February 12, through 15. Please report others noted to the board or Sentry.                                    

  • Please see the downloads section for the board approved 2019 Rules & Guidelines, as adopted from the 2018 Rules & Guidelines and amended by suggestions from the HOA attorney and Owners. The 2019 Rules & Guidelines was sent to all Owners and a board vote approved them at the February 15th board meeting.  Since our C&Rs have not been updated for many years, these Rules & Guidelines may help owners work with the ARC more smoothly.  Future boards may revise SLHOA Rules & Guidelines by this same procedure, as needed.

  • Also on the download section of this site is the legal advice letter explaining the advantages of Electronic Voting.  A Resolution for E-Voting for SLHOA was also passed at the February 15th board meeting. The next board may follow the E-voting procedure written by our attorney to implement this modern aspect of communication for our HOA.

  • Resurfacing of sections of the most traveled and worn streets in SL is scheduled for the 19th & 20th of February, weather permitting.  See info below.  Please drive carefully when workers are present and follow detours/directions.

  • Final work on the Sunward Drainage Easement is planned  shortly.  Please be aware of workers and equipment at the intersection of Sunward & Sunset Lakes Drive and along the easement east of  Sunward Drive.

  • Tree trimming and clearing debris at the southeast corner of Sunward and Sunset Lakes Drive is planned for the third week in February.

The 2019 Annual Membership Meeting for SLHOA is scheduled for February 28, 2019.  Please see the "Living & Working Together" section of this site for details.


On the 12th 13th and 14th concrete repair has been done in SL & IE. Sidewalks, drains, a pad under a gazebo, the lead edge of the culverts at SLD, and west the tip of the median at the entrance are just some of the  varied places that needed repair. 2.17.19

Sunward & Sunset Lakes Drive STREET RESURFACING

Be aware that the resurfacing of the front sections of Sunset Lakes Drive and South Sunward Drive is scheduled for February 19th & 20th, weather permitting.  The front SL entrance may be slow moving or sometimes closed to traffic at intervals.  The rear gates will be open for Owner & service provider convenience.  Owners will not be "trapped" in their homes.  These Contractors are professionals who have done this many times before and can manage resurfacing occupied residential streets.   

Contractor vehicles will enter the community from the rear entrance and start on south Sunward, moving toward the intersection of Sunward & Sunset Lakes Drive.  Milling comes on the first, day, then the new surface will be applied on the second involving tack and paving and finally striping.  Note: "tack" is the adhesive substance that helps bond the asphalt to the road surface.  It is usually sprayed on, is VERY adherent and VERY difficult to remove from anything.  DO NOT drive or walk over areas being worked or you may inadvertently drive/walk over tack and it will stain your tires, shoes, driveway, sidewalk, etc. The Contractors will direct traffic away from areas being worked and will open for traffic when they are safe to travel. Neither the Contractors nor the HOA will be responsible for damage done by those who do not follow directions.  

Please pay attention to the safety of the workers and to promote smooth, safe traffic flow.  

  • During road work that may affect the school bus routes in SL, the Brevard County School Transportation Department is notified. In addition, Waste Management and the Post Office are also notified. 

The planned progression is:




Please contact our property manager at sstewart@sentrymgt.com  or a board member at board@slhoa.info with resurfacing related questions and we will do our best to answer them. 2.14.19

  • To promote longer life for our roads the new surfaces should be sealed at set intervals as part of a regular community maintenance schedule.  Future boards need to generate maintenance schedules.



Suggestions from Owners, consideration of elements that may affect safety and property values, such as stopping distances,  short setbacks in our densely developed community, consults with BCSO and information from other private, gated, deed-restricted communities have contributed to this simple step in the effort to help us be a safer community.  

Did you know that at a speed of 30 mph, considering a 2/3 second "thinking distance" (the time it takes to realize a problem and act to stop a car varies from 2/3 second to 2 seconds),  it takes 65 feet to stop?  That's the full length of an 18 wheel semi/tractor trailer!  At a speed of 40 mph, it takes 120 feet!  And this is under perfect, dry conditions. WIth 20 foot setbacks on some of our streets, a vehicle may easily reach homes.

Research regarding stopping distances at different speeds confirm the need to reduce the speed limit in the Sunset Lakes section of our HOA to no more than 15 mph. IE has 50 foot setbacks, so have limits of 25 mph with an acceptable assurance of safety.

In view of all aspects and considering the safety of our children and all residents, the posted speed limit in the Sunset Lakes section of our HOA was reduced from a mixture of 15, 20 & 25  mph to 15 mph throughout. 

If speed limit reduction is not effective to protect our residents from vehicles traveling at high speeds in our crowded community, other suggestions from our Owners such as speed humps may be considered.

Thanks to everyone who contributed and supported this important issue. Our goal is to provide our Owners and Guests with as safe an environment as possible.  Please encourage all to drive slowly through our community.  Our elderly, mobility challenged, pets and children are at risk with speeding traffic. 



The clearing of the 3 large culverts at the entrance of SL was done as ground water levels allowed. This is an important part of maintenance of our stormwater system. The Sunward Drive stormwater drainage easement needs to open and the culverts patent.

The year long project is near completion. A few more touch-ups of grade and shrub removal should complete this phase of repairs and maintenance of the Drainage Easement along the south and east side of Sunward Drive.  This is required by both Brevard  County and our SJRWMD permit.

Hereafter, a firm maintenance plan must be generated for this drainage easement, as well as the entire  interconnecting stormwater system in Sunset Lakes.   Input and assistance from Owners is welcome and professional assistance is recommended.  All Residents are urged NOT to put yard waste, trash or any other fill in street gutters, drains, lakes, swales or drainage easements.



  • In order to clarify the Declarations and support our ARC, the 2019 Rules & Guidelines have been proposed.  These follow the 2018 "Rules & Guidelines " that were more detailed. The board has approved a preliminary draft in October of 2018 and after legal review and Owner input the final draft was again approved at the January 24th meeting. Owners will be sent these with notice of the board meeting where these will be considered for the final document approval. Please also find the document in the downloads section of this site.  Thanks to all who have contributed to the protection and safety of our community by helping craft this document.  Rules change due to many circumstances. They should be dynamic as situations changes and future boards may approve these as they are, or adjust them using this process.



  • A letter by our HOA attorney introducing Electronic Voting was read to those in attendance at the January 24th board meeting. It is included in the Downloads section of this site. Next, a Resolution regarding Electronic Voting may be considered. This may be done at the next board meeting or at the Annual meeting. A procedure to implement E-Voting has been generated by our HOA attorney. Further action to implement E-Voting is up to the 2019-2020 board.



Your 2018 Board of Directors has been carefully reviewing the current service contracts for Sunset Lakes.  This has been an assessment in areas of service, with consideration of the age and condition of the common grounds of the association, as well as the insurance and licenses required for each individual situation.  Even with a shortage of two board volunteers, we have accomplished quite a bit in a short period of time.  

Your current management company is one of the largest, most knowledgeable and respected in the southeast United States. They are efficient in financial management and have successfully worked through several areas of concern for SLHOA.  In addition, the overall recurring costs since Sentry has joined the Association are trending steady.  

The goal of this 2018-2019 Board is to have improved safety and property values for the residents of Sunset Lakes Homeowners Association for 2019!  So far, so good! Some of the many improvements include: 

  • A functional and current website with information our community needs, at far less cost than the previous one.
  • SOS gate sensors repaired for the safety of SL Owners - so ambulances and fire trucks may have immediate access.
  • Broken curb drains with exposed rebar and unstable broken sidewalks replaced, as well as lifted sidewalks ground down or replaced for pedestrian safety. Please notify the board or Sentry of any found and they will be placed on the list to be repaired with cones and paint marking them for safety.  The next round of sidewalk curb, concrete repairs will be February 12, 13 & 14, 2019.
  • Hot and Cold patched pothole repairs in worn streets have been done for safety and appearance.
  • A Lawn Service carrying Liability and Workers' Comp Insurance protections for the HOA is now contracted.
  • A repair and adjustment of the common area irrigation system is underway, with multiple issues discovered and in process of repair.  
  • Access to Sentry Management's  informative website with an internet Community Portal availability is established. All Owners may access their own accounts through the Portal. Those who are not able to access a computer are served, as well.
  • Contractors have initiated clearing and grading our clogged southeast and eastern storm water drainage easement to permit water flow for the safety of our residents and in compliance with our SJRWMD permit. This is a work in progress and will need to be followed attentively by future boards of this community. Where accumulated mud was removed from the ditch, and placed as berms on the east side, the berms were raked, seeded with rye and hay placed over the seed for the winter.                                             
  • A culvert assessment and clearing  of the 3 large culverts under the SL entrance on Sunset Lakes Drive was next. On December 27th, the area around the culverts was isolated and de-watered. Due to the heavy mud buildup of 25 years in front of the culverts, dredging this mud out of the way was needed to access the culverts. This is the first phase of a maintenance process required for competent stormwater drainage of our permitted drainage easement along the east side of Sunward Drive.  Next came the excavators  who removed much of the mud in the confined space available. They may need to return to remove more in the future. Culvert cleaning of our 3 large stormwater culverts under Sunset Lakes Drive was again done as well as possible with the increased water table an evident barrier to complete clearing.  The Senior Brevard County Natural Resources Engineer for Stormwater Systems has inspected and given us a few more details to complete.  Sentry accompanied the engineer to gain a full understanding of the process. Those few last items will be done as soon as possible. This Drainage Easement must be maintained by the Association per our C&Rs and our SJRWMD permit.                                                                                                                                                       
  • Metal corrugated steel connecting stormwater system pipes tend to rust and weaken over time.  It is possible that these were part of the original pipes used throughout SL in our interconnecting stormwater system between detention ponds. If this is the case, these will need to be assessed, joints wrapped and either sleeved or replaced on a maintenance schedule with a substantial dedicated reserve in place. 
  • Invasive vegetation next to the Conservation Area in western Island Estates has been cleared back to the actual wetland areas. This waterfront wetland Conservation Area is part of our St. John's River Water Management District's permit for our entire community. It is not to be disturbed with hunting, trapping, trash or ANY plantings.  The area includes a walking path around the IE detention pond and a path to a fishing dock on the river for all SLHOA Owners to enjoy. The damaged seating is in the process of being repaired. Caution should be used in areas that are next to the wetlands and Conservation Areas due to the rough vegetative growth and natural contours of the land.  
  • Repair of the large water (trash)  pump used during heavy rain events to prevent flooding has been completed.
  • Intermittent provision of BCSO Deputies for safety patrols with traffic issues a primary concern.
  • Refreshing and cleaning the SL entrances with removal of dead plants, replacing others and clearing areas of yard waste and invasive vegetation. This is a continuous process.   
  • Repair of unexpected road failure and concomitant gate failure at the SL entrance is another ongoing process.
  • The heavily worn intersection and anterior sections of South Sunward Drive & Sunset Lakes Drive planned for resurfacing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
  • Resurfacing the complex SL entrance has been done. Know that properly insured and experienced paving companies prefer larger jobs than ours, so we sought quality service that is readily available specific to our needs. We replaced our failing entrance which is a complex project with multiple conduits, lines and gate loops under the surface and crossing roads. Included are installation of two bollards to protect our expensive telephone answering system (TES), by which we enter through personal codes. Although inconvenient and costly to do, having an intact and attractive entrance is a big part of the value of homes in Sunset Lakes. The entrance is the first impression of our Sunset Lakes community and those are lasting impressions for both guests and prospective Owners. Thanks to everyone who helped this project be a safe and organized endeavor.
  • Scheduled resurfacing of the worn intersection of Sunward Drive and Sunset Lakes Drive and front sections of both Sunset Lakes Drive and South Sunward Drive are planned for February 19th & 20th, weather permtting.  Signage and information for those affected residences, as well as all SL Owners are planned.
  • A 2019 budget was generated that provides improved safety and maintenance without increased assessments means everyone cooperates to help save costs.
  • A change in HOA insurance policies with the same protections that saves us $600 per year.
  • Safety signage posted regarding no swimming in retention ponds and alligator alerts at pond access areas.
  • Speed limit reduction throughout the community due to persistent   speeding endangering our children and all residents. 15 mph is the posted limit throughout SL. Enforcement by BCSO Deputies will be considered for those speeding in excess of 10 mph above the posted limit. 
  • Transferring CDs from one bank to another with far higher interest rates has been done, increasing our interest benefit by thousands of dollars.
  • Requesting the Dog Services to replace signage, straighten posts and paint waste bins has resulted in                                                                                 improved appearance throughout SL. This was at no extra cost to the association.
  • Replacement of aging/unreadable signage for Reuse Water and Neighborhood Watch Program signs for SL & IE at no extra cost to the HOA. 
  • Clearing of overgrowth and removing crumbling rail fencing at the main park entrance.  
  • Securing sprinkler system base for the main park.
  • Replacing multiple decorative plantings and repairing irrigation at the SL entrance. 
  • Repair of trash boxes in main park.
  • A new U.S. flag to replace the torn one has been raised in our main HOA park.

As we move through areas that require maintenance & repair we continually prioritize.  Future Boards of Directors will need to generate an Annual Maintenance Schedule to maintain Sunset Lakes as a premier community in Brevard County.



What is a "Lead"?  

A "Lead" is a community volunteer who keeps an eye out on their street for safety hazards. 

Examples of a safety hazard are lifted sidewalks (trip hazard), broken cement around drains (auto damage and trip hazard),speeding cars (danger to us all), etc. We have "Leads" on some SL streets now and need a few more to cover the entire community.  One Lead per street is fine. 

If you wish to serve your community in this important way, please notify the board via email at board@slhoa.info. There are many tasks that need to be done to make Sunset Lakes a better place to live and this is certainly one of them.  If you wish your "Lead" position to remain confidential, this board will do that.  Thanks!



Background Community Info:

  • In February 2018 the Brevard County Natural Resources Department and SJRWMD noticed us we may be out of compliance with our required storm water drainage permit.  That is not acceptable. The flow of storm water was obstructed in several areas in the drainage easement east of Sunward Drive, preventing historic stormwater flow to occur.  It is unknown when or if  any maintenance has been done in the past. Opinions from three experienced civil engineers specializing in drainage (County, SJRWMD & independent) who have all recommended a course of action and we are following that. A contractor cleared  and removed overgrowth, lawn waste, trash and  obstructing objects from the drainage easement followed by dredging and grading the easement to handle the water flow northward. Smoothing the boundry berm, seeding and hay application to reduce erosion followed. We are also smoothing major roughing of  Owner turf occurring during the operation of the backhoe in very tight areas, as was reported by homeowners at the time. Next came the pipe cleaners to clear our 3 large culverts under Sunset Lakes Drive. Following that, the outflow pipes and capacity /competence of receiving water body on the property north of Sunset Lakes will be assessed. All abutting properties along Sunward Drive have been sent a communication explaining the situation and the necessary course of action. All have been asked to please remove any personal items in the easement and not to place any additional items (including  pots, toys, fences, plants, rocks and of course ANY TYPE OF FILL IN THE DRAINAGE EASEMENT that may interfere with the water flow . Please also keep pets and children from the easement areas . Note this is not a whim of the board, but a required action - mandated by our St. Johns River Water District SLHOA permit. We do not have a choice. There are very high fines possible for noncompliance. When the drainage easement is returned to an accepted functional configuration without obstruction of historical storm water flow, flooding risks will be reduced for areas in Sunset Lakes as well as areas to our south. We are working closely with the county and district to do this correctly. This easement is the responsibility of Sunset Lakes HOA and must be maintained on a regular basis from now on. 

  • Clearing overgrowth in the common areas adjacent to the Conservation Area of IE has been completed. It is unknown when the last complete clearing  of these common areas was done. This is an open space common area that is belongs to all  SLHOA Owners. It includes our special fishing pier that extends into the Indian River. We have cleared many years of overgrowth in this area which had to be done in phases due to the density of it. The final phase is now complete.  In the future, regular maintenance  trimming must be done to prevent massive overgrowth into the common areas, obstructing access.  The area remains open for all  SL Owners. The main entrance to the Conservation Area is at the west end of Windchime in Island Estates. On the right is the large common area including the terminal pond in our large interconnected stormwater system and our fishing pier that extends into the Indian River.

  • The Natural Conservation Area on the shore of the Indian River that holds natural Florida wetlands and animals of our natural habitat is to be left completely undisturbed. No cutting, removal or addition of any plants, soil or other materials, hunting, trapping or fires are allowed in the Conservation Area or the Common areas of IE or SL. Due to the proximity of the natural Conservation Area, young children should not be permitted in the IE open space areas without adult supervision. Owners or prospective owners are encouraged to visit all the open space common areas of our community and to venture to the unique fishing dock on the Indian River. Sturdy closed toed shoes, water and a method of communication are recommended when hiking in this area. Please leave only your footsteps.

  • There have been several large alligators removed from Sunset Lakes stormwater detention ponds through the years. While they are a natural part of our Florida environment, they may also to be considered a threat to animals and people in or around the ponds they frequent. Please do NOT feed the alligators. Please keep children and pets from playing at the ponds' edges, and never swim or wade in the ponds. Signs have been posted as safety reminders.


"Check Lease" :

Owners in Sunset Lakes who rent their homes need to refer to Article XI of the Declarations of Covenants and Restrictions (C&Rs) for the SLHOA Homeowners Association. This Article provides a paragraph that must be included in the Lease Agreement regarding the tenant's responsibility to follow the C&Rs of our Deed Restricted community.  The Owner also needs to provide the Sentry Management Company with a copy of the Lease Agreement, as well as the names addresses and contact information for both themselves and the tenant (s) residing on their property.


PARKING Ideas for Sunset Lakes: Many of our Owners have multiple vehicles and not enough room to park them in their garages and driveways. Owners have been asked to come up with ideas regarding the issue of parking in Sunset Lakes. We have researched other HOAs and considered different ideas that may provide some relief from street parking, but none are ideal. To mediate this issue for our Owners, we have allowed the use of the main park parking lot for temporary overflow parking, with the clear understanding the HOA is not responsible for any damage of vehicles if they are parked there. Posted signs state the main park closes for recreational use at dusk. 

A quote from the Florida Drivers Handbook is listed on the Downloads section of this site: "BLOCKING SIDEWALKS". This may clarify those areas that are not for parking in Florida. Please send your smart ideas about how we may better manage parking in Sunset Lakes to the board at board@slhoa.info. Thanks!


It is against State Law to BLOCK SIDEWALKS and may present a safety hazard for our Owner and guest pedestrians. Parked vehicles are allowed in garages, on driveways or in the main park parking lot. Sidewalks are not intended for vehicular use; they are intended for pedestrian use. Please ensure the safety of our Owners and guests by not blocking the sidewalks with vehicles or other items such as pool drain pipes, motorcycles, trash cans, yard waste, etc.


We had superficially checked and cleared our street stormwater drains for the 2018 hurricane season. We hope to create a scheduled maintenance program that will help future regular maintenance of the areas that need regular attention. Our street gutters drain into the stormwater drains that flow from detention pond to pond, finally emptying into the river as cleaner water. Putting yard waste in the gutters endangers the patency of our stormwater drains - causing clogging, backup and flooding properties during a heavy rain event. Putting yard waste in the street is a traffic safety hazard.  In addition, the cost of clearing the connecting pipes between lakes is high. If the pipes are clogged with yard waste, the clearing may necessitate a Special Assessment or an increase of annual dues to cover this very high expense. Please put yard waste into reusable containers or piled neatly in no > 4 foot sections on the apron of the driveway for pickup by Waste Management.  


There are areas in Sunset Lakes where Drainage Easements are designed as part of the Stormwater System. These easements are required by the St. John's River Water Management District per our HOA permit.  We do not have a choice. Some of these easements are found in the rear or side of a property. It is very important that the drainage easements be kept clear of yard debris, trash and any structures or plantings that may obstruct the flow of stormwater. From time to time, hopefully on a regular maintenance schedule in the future, the association will hire a firm to clear any debris from the easements to assure proper drainage. Please provide safe access for  workers doing this important job to keep us safe.


Please do not put waste containers on the cement pads that contain stormwater access manholes and are our street drains. The automated waste trucks can accidentally do great damage to the cement drain structure when picking up waste cans on those cement pads. We are responsible to repair these damages and they are very expensive. We have already had to repair several. Please do not use these street manhole drain access pads for waste containers, yard waste, potted plants or other items.

During our rainy season  - especially when a storm is approaching, it is wise to reduce our gray water use.  All our irrigation runoff goes into our storm water system and we will need more space for heavy storm rains. When a storm is close, it is wise to reduce or turn off our home irrigation systems, as our property management company will do for the common areas. That will keep our grounds from being over saturated and unable to absorb the heavy rainwater that may follow.  


Of course, this is the time to trim our own trees so they will be stable and safe during high winds. We have done that for the common areas and all Owners need to consider that now for their properties - before storms threaten. Also, please make sure large trees don't hang lower than 15 feet from the road so our school buses don't get damaged. If the Association has to trim a tree damaging buses, the cost will be charged to the account of the tree Owner.

As we find sidewalks that have become uneven over time, we are continuing to grind the uneven joint areas to smooth curves instead of the alternate option of removing the sidewalks and replacing with sod. Replacing all sidewalks would be beyond the current budget and require a revenue adjustment. Replacing hazardous broken areas and grinding lifts to curved edges is the more economical choice. If Owners will contact our Property Manager or Board with the location of uneven sidewalks observed, it will help the ongoing process.

A reminder - Commercial signage is not allowed in our community save a "For Sale" sign in the yard of a home that is for sale with specific sign dimensions noted in our C&Rs. State Statutes allow very small security signs within 10 feet of the front entrance of homes. No signage is allowed on common property of Sunset Lakes, save that placed by the Association.  Any posted may be removed by the association at the expense of the owner. The exception we have established is for those small, temporary directional signs during Garage Sale First Saturdays that are removed at the end of the sale period.  Please keep our common areas clear of signage.

July 4th Parade

The 2018 Annual July 4th Parade was held as scheduled!  Prizes for the most patriotic decor were awarded and Amber Cochran has once again done a wonderful job to organize a great community event to celebrate our nation's birthday! Thanks to everyone who helped from those who provided refreshments like the Ryan's on Starlight with a water station, to the sharp guys who kept us from having traffic issues as the parade moved through our streets. As one neighbor said, even the dogs were impressed!  See pictures below.

  The front gates must remain open until the cement tip is complete.  The form in and the concrete will be poured.  It must set before the form is removed. Then the gates can be closed. Please drive slowly around workers.

Sentry Management Company

Sentry is our Property Management Company. Our Property Manager is Sue Stewart LCAM  who can be reached at sstewart@sentrymgt.com.   


All Owners in SLHOA need to register as an SLHOA homeowner on the Sentry website.  Sentry may provide a gate clicker for the resident gates in Sunset Lakes.  (Tenants may request a clicker from the property Owner)

The Sentry link is http://accesssentrymgt.com/dx/sentrywp/index.html#. This allows Owners to access their own personal accounts, and other choices of information. A tutorial is available to guide through the registration. For those who do not have access to a computer, please call Sentry and set up an appointment to go to the office in Rockledge and staff will help you register.

The dates for our semi-annual assessments (January 1 & July 1 of each year) and the amount ($330) will stay the same through 2019.  Sentry will send invoices and directions for payments.  

Some Owners choose to mail their semi annual dues ($330) via check or Money Order payable to "SUNSET LAKES HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION, INC." to the Sentry office in Rockledge: Sunset Lakes Homeowners Association, Inc. c/o Sentry Management Company, 597 Haverty Court, Suite 110, Rockledge, Florida 32955.  Be sure to note your SLHOA property address and your assigned Sentry account number on the check for proper credit. Cash is not accepted. Credit cards will require an additional fee for processing.

Sunset Lakes Home Owners Association, Inc.

c/o Sentry Management Company, Inc., 597 Haverty Court, Suite 110, Rockledge, Florida 32955

321-638-8880 ext. 56001