*****Gate Opening Requests*****

The board is happy to assist home owners with special gate opening requests.  Special gate opening requests are when gates need to be opened outside of the normally scheduled monthly garage sales and week day times.  Examples are estate sales and real estate open house events.  This does not include homeowner parties and personal events; your guests will be required to use the call box at the front gates. 

We ask that you please submit requests for special gate openings AT LEAST 5 business days prior to the requested date/time of event.  This allows us time to schedule one of the board members to manually open and close the gates at the requested times.  If the requestor is a party other than the home owner, please include the home owner name and add the home owner email address to the request email.

Submit special gate opening request to:


Please include the following information:

Email Subject Line: ATTENTION Special Gate Opening Request

Home Owner Name:  Jane and John Smith

Location With Home Address – Sunset Lakes or Island Estates

Event type – Estate sale, Open House etc. 

Date and Time range for gates to be left open


Monday, April 13, 2020 at 7:00 PM
Hobbs Pharmacy Community Center
133 N. Banana River Drive , MI



The Brevard County Public Works Landscape Operations Department has provided the below information for compliance of the trees in right-of-way easements. The right-of-way easement is in front of each home and is the area between the front sidewalk and the street and is on either side of the driveway aprons. The maintenance of this area is the responsibility of each homeowner. 

There are many trees that are overgrown and overhanging the streets, especially the Oak trees. The emergency vehicles, garbage trucks and buses have a max height of 13 ft 6 inches, as shown in the diagram. The Brevard County Public Works Landscape Operations Department has recommended that all trees in the easement be lifted to allow a 14 ft height by 20 ft wide clearance. There are areas in Sunset lakes that the trees are hanging lower than 14 feet. The Board is requesting that all homeowners trim their trees in their front right-of-way easements to provide for the 14 ft by 20 ft clearance as recommended by the Brevard County Public Works Landscape Operations Department. 

Please have easement trees trimmed by March 1, 2020. Starting on March 1st, Advanced Property Management has been instructed to send a violation notice to any home that is not in compliance with this required roadway clearance. The Board thanks you for your cooperation in making the community safe and beautiful.

In addition, the trees should allow a 

7 foot clearance on the sidewalks for safe pedestrian traffic.  The APM compliance inspections started in December 2019, and has sited a couple areas with trees to trim that are overhanging the sidewalks.



On Sunday, June 9, 2019 Documents tab on SLHOA website has been set as login access only.  

Homeowners, sign up for a secure login using the request form on the Home page of this website.

Lessees, you will still have access to the website minus the Documents tab.



Gates will be open for monthly garage sales.

WHEN:  First Saturday of every month from ~8 AM to ~2 PM. ***************************************************************************   

Persons with concerns about an alligator may call our toll-free Nuisance Alligator Hotline at 866-FWC-GATOR (866-392-4286).   They will destroy if larger than 4 feet and leave if under 4 feet or smaller.

PLEASE DO NOT FEED the alligators in the ponds. 

PLEASE DO NOT SWIM in the ponds due to the strong possibility that an alligator may be swimming with you. 

PLEASE watch your pets, especially around the ponds.

Spring time is the prime season for all the wildlife in our community. Watch out for the turtles in the roadways and the birds and snakes that are encountered in our yards and parks.


SPEED Limit Signs
While the 15 mph speed limit signs may have been well intentioned, the change has caused a conflict with the traffic control study that was performed by the Brevard County Traffic Engineering Dept.  The Board is working on a plan to bring  Sunset Lakes back into compliance with the current traffic study.  This will most definately include replacing the originally posted speed limits.  More information to come and will be posted.


LEASED Properties:

Owners in Sunset Lakes who rent their homes need to refer to Article XI of the Declarations of Covenants and Restrictions (C&Rs) for the SLHOA Homeowners Association.  This Article provides a paragraph that must be included in the Lease Agreement regarding the tenant's responsibility to follow the C&Rs of our Deed Restricted community.  The Owner are also required to provide property management company with a copy of the Lease Agreement, as well as the names addresses and contact information for both themselves and the tenant(s) residing on their property.



A letter from our HOA attorney introducing Electronic Voting is posted in the Documents section.  It was presented at the January 24th board meeting.  A procedure to implement E-Voting has been generated by our HOA attorney.