Advanced property Management Company

Advanced Property Management Home Owner Accounts

NEW SUNSET LAKES HOMEOWNERS,   New owners may need to provide a copy of their WARRANTY DEED  from their closing documents to facilitate the registration process.  Until this registration process has been completed, homeowners will not have full access to the secure documents on the SLHOA website.    After home ownership has been verified by the property manager, secure access can be requested HERE.

LEASED Properties:  

Owners in Sunset Lakes who rent their homes need to refer to Article XI of the Declarations of Covenants and Restrictions (C&Rs) for the SLHOA Homeowners Association.  This Article provides a paragraph that must be included in the Lease Agreement regarding the tenant's responsibility to follow the C&Rs of our Deed Restricted community.  The Owner are also required to provide Sentry Management Company with a copy of the Lease Agreement, as well as the names addresses and contact information for both themselves and the tenant(s) residing on their property.  

Selling Sunset Lakes PROPERTY:

When selling a home in Sunset lakes community, please contact Van Moore at APM for HOA documents and estoppel certificates.

Advanced Property Management

Office Number: 321-636-4889

Van Moore - Manager Ext 1

Frank Bradley - Manager Ext 1

Frank handles all daily operations and maintenance for the HOA and should be included in all communications

Heidi - Accounting Ext 3

Debbie - Compliance Inspections Ext 6

Teresa - Admin Assist and ARC Ext 1

Mailing Address:

1978 US 1, Suite 106

Rockledge, FL 32955

HOA Assessment payments

The semi-annual due dates for assessments:



Advanced Property Management will send out invoices/coupons via email or regular US postal mail in the month before the due date.  


Late Payments:

Those payments that are received after the 30th of January or July will incur a $25 late fee and charged interest.  Interest will also be charged each subsequent month that the association dues have not been paid.  If a payment is 45 days late, an automatic intent to lien may be filed.  Please contact Advanced Property Management prior to 45 days late.  

APM Responsibilities

Day to Day Operations

Contact APM via phone call or email.   Email is sometimes a faster response, especially when contacting Frank.  The HOA Board would like to know what is broken or an issue in Sunset Lakes, so please copy the entire Board on your email to APM. 

Examples of items to report to APM:

Broken gates

Broken street lighting

Issue with landscaper service

Any general service issues

Billing for HOA Assessment account - email and number for Heidi

Gate remotes - email and number for Teresa

Compliance violations - email and number for Debbie