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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
September 20, 2016 at 7:00PM
Grace Lutheran Church

Call to Order: Bertha Perrin called the meeting to order at 7:00pm

Quorum: In attendance were Bertha Perrin, Dave Cheney, Bill Hillberg, Linda Stasik and Bob Trask establishing a quorum. Van Moore of APM was also present.  

Comments from the floor: Dave Diamond from the community took in numerous items from residents to sell at the flea market to help offset college expenses. He took some of the proceeds and presented a check for $25 to the community to be used for the good of cause as a token of his appreciation for the donations of household items to be sold. The board and those present from the community applauded his gesture and thanked him for his kindness. 

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Motion by Dave Cheney, seconded by Bill Hillberg to approve the minutes of the August 16, 2016 board meeting as corrected. All in favor. Dave will post corrected minutes on the web-site.

Treasurer’s Report: Bill Hillberg presented the Treasurer’s Report with balance as of 8-31-16. Motion by Dave Cheney to accept the report as presented, seconded by Bob Trask. All in favor.

Operating $181,520.33 
Reserves $467,212.21
Total Cash $672,686.14

Van noted that the Association is currently operating under budget.

Old Business:
Review of CPA firms to do a Financial Review: Bill Hillberg solicited 3 CPA firms to provide a cost for doing a Financial Review. The board discussed the different costs by the 3 firms and Bertha who works at a CPA firm explained the meaning of compilation, review and audit. Bertha explained the CPA’s all use the same criteria when performing a financial review and felt the lower cost would be best. Bertha made a motion to use Bill Jackson Dave Cheney seconded and more discussion continued. Bill Hillberg felt it would be best for using one of the other CPA firms because Bill Jackson does the tax returns for Sunset Lakes and also does the taxes for other clients of APM. He expressed this was not anything against APM but would rule out the idea of a conflict of interest and would keep it unbiased. A vote was taken on the motion and Bertha and Dave were in favor. Linda, Bob and Bill were opposed so the motion failed. 

Motion by Bertha Perrin, seconded by Bill Hillberg to hire Ms. Hinds’ CPA firm. The motion failed, 1 to 4.

Linda Stasik made a motion to hire  McDonough CPA firm Bill Hillberg seconded the motion and a vote was taken. Bill Hillberg, Linda Stasik and Bob Trask were in favor. Dave Cheney and Bertha Perrin were opposed and the motion passed. 

Common Area Motion, Discussion, Vote: 
The Board got a legal opinion from the Association Attorney concerning the common areas being mowed and maintained by the Association. This includes the common areas around the lakes which but up to some of the homes. 
The attorney recommended that any and all common areas should be maintained by the Association not individual owners. Bertha Perrin motioned to move forward with adding these areas on for maintenance Bob Trask seconded and all were in favor. The Board requested APM to get with the lawn company and identify all common areas to be maintained. An addendum to the contract will be submitted to the board.

Action Items Update:

Pedestrian Gate at the West end of the community: The Board requested APM to have the gate removed and install a Bollard in the middle for traffic control. 

Tree Trimming Update: The trees have been trimmed but there are a couple around the light poles left to be done which should be completed by the end of September.

Lake Restoration Project Status: The board was provided the map and estimates of the remaining lakes to be done. Lake A is complete but needs some repairs. The project will carry over into 2017.  Lake B’s shoreline will be next and repairs will start mid-October. 

FPL Lights Update: Bertha reported that FPL is going to be on property this upcoming Friday to finalize the placement of the additional light poles in the community. 

New Business: 

CD’s – Motion by Dave Cheney, seconded by Bertha Perrin to move a one-year   CD at Sunrise Bank from a .19% CD to a .95% CD. All in favor.

  Community signs in common areas by Mailboxes: Bertha made a motion to    purchase and install 4 “No Parking” signs in different common areas on the street  within the community Dave Cheney seconded and all were in favor. APM will get  the areas painted for “No Parking” as well. A vote was taken and all   were in favor. 

Community Fall Picnic the Fall Picnic is planned for November 12th, 2016.  

Next Meeting: October 18, 2016 at the Grace Lutheran Church at 7:00. 
Adjournment:  Motion by Linda Stasik, seconded by Bertha Perrin to adjourn, all in favor.  Meeting adjourned at 9:05. 

Respectfully Corrected Submitted by: 
Linda Stasik

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