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July 27, 2017
Moose Lodge, Merritt Island, FL 32953

Call to Order: Dave Cheney called the meeting to order at 7:00.

Quorum: In attendance were Dave Cheney, Bertha Perrin (arrived about 7:30), Ashley Hammond, Bill Hillberg and Linda Stasik. Frank Bradley of APM was also present.

Treasurer’s Report: Bertha read the reserve balances and invoiced expenditures. Motion by Bill Hillberg, ,b>seconded by Ashley Hammond to approve the Treasurer’s Report. All in favor.

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Motion by Ashley Hammond, seconded by Bill Hillberg to approve the minutes of the June 22, 2017 board meeting as corrected. All in favor.

Old Business/Action Items Update:
2017-2018 Board Goals: Bill/Linda: Bill wanted to present the By-Laws revisions as completed by his committee. Members of the Board wished to review/discuss before voting on the changes to be presented to the membership at our next annual meeting. He asked once again for board members to submit their concerns/changes and would readdress at the August meeting. He has reserved the big room at the Moose Lodge to present workshops to the members.

Bertha/Ashley: Grounds Contract – Motion by Ashley Hammond, seconded by Bertha Perrin to award the grounds contract to Brevard Lawns to begin October 1. All in favor.

7:45 – Bertha and Ashley left the meeting.

Security Cameras: Tabled. Dave asked for Van and Bertha to meet to find available monies for new cameras.

Phone Line: We need an internet based system rather than analog. Would like to tie the system to the security cameras and be remotely controlled. Spectrum sent us a bid for a new system. AT&T is another possibility. May need lightning protection. The money to pay for this would come from the reserves for gates. Motion by Linda Stasik to switch to a digital based gate control system and install internet lines, seconded by Bill Hillberg. All in favor. Dave will contact Van to get this going.

Dead Trees/Debris: BGM is currently working on clearing the berm along Tropical Trail.

Action items update:
- Bluebell to finish sodding around Killarney Lake. APM will need to send letter to inform residents that the association lawn service will begin to take care of the lake edge. Our new lawn contract with Brevard Lawns will need to include Killarney Lake and one extra lawn.
- Access road to the pier is clogged. Need road to the weir cleared. Frank will get 3 bids for this work for the August meeting.

Bertha Perrin came back to the meeting at 8:10.

New Business:
Action without a Meeting: Motion
by Bill Hillberg, seconded by Linda Stasik to initiate the emergency road repair on Sunset Lakes Drive. Need scope of work to include inspection, procedure, excavation and repair. All in favor.

Budget Review: Dave and Bertha will meet to begin preliminary review of the budget for next year.

Next Meeting: Thursday, August 24, 2017 at the Moose Lodge at 7:00.

Adjournment: Motion by Dave Cheney, seconded by Linda Stasik to adjourn, all in favor. Meeting adjourned at 8:34.

Linda Stasik

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