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May 25, 2017
Moose Lodge 3150 N Courtney Pkwy

Call to Order: Dave Cheney called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm.

Quorum: In attendance were Dave Cheney, Bertha Perrin, Ashley Hammond, Bill Hillberg and Linda Stasik. Frank Bradley of APM was also present.

Financial Statement: Allison Becka from McDonough CPA Solutions, PA reviewed the Financial Statement for 2016.

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Motion by Bertha Perrin, seconded by Ashley Hammond to approve the minutes of the April 27, 2017 board meeting as corrected. All in favor.

Treasurerís Report: Bertha Perrin read the April Balance Sheet. Motion by Ashley Hammond, seconded by Linda Stasik to accept the Treasurerís Report as presented. All in favor.

Old Business/Action Items Update:

2017-2018 Board Goals: Dave: Completed Hurricane Preparedness Plan. Set up random traffic enforcement with BCSO. Looking at new cameras for security. Bill: Going through Bylaws first draft and updates. Will need 75% membership vote to change. Bertha/Ashley: reviewing lawn maintenance companies contracts. Linda: nothing at this time.

Action items update:
- Laying sod around Killarney Lake may begin shortly.
- Stenciling in the no parking areas is completed.
- Bollards have been installed at the front and back pedestrian gateways.

New Business: Action: Motion by Ashley Hammond, seconded by Bertha Perrin to ratify the ďAction without a Meeting: form for the DPC action. All in favor.

Security Cameras: Discussion regarding available monies for new radio-linked cameras to a DVR occurred. Bertha remarked that we would need to get the funds from a 75% membership vote to increase capital assets or get them from a deferred maintenance account. Dave will report more information next month.

Island Lake berm clean-up: Received bids for berm clean-up, trimming and removal of debris from Space Coast Landscaping, Druse Landscaping and Tree Service, US Lawns and BG&M. Tabled decision making until next month.

Drainage Pipe Issue: Motion by Ashley Hammond, seconded by Bertha Perrin that Brevard Excavation and Landscaping, Inc. should start repair to the storm drain pipe at 3831 Sunflower and start investigation of the storm drain pipe damage behind 3808 Sunbeam. All in favor.

Roofing Company Advertisement Lawn signs: They are not allowed and should be removed immediately.

Next Meeting: Thursday, June 22, 2017 at the Moose Lodge.

Adjournment: Motion by Ashley Hammond, seconded by Bertha Perrin to adjourn, all in favor. Meeting adjourned at 8:36. Linda Stasik Secretary

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