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April 27, 2017
Moose Lodge 3150 N Courtney Pkwy

Call to Order: Ashley Hammond called the meeting to order at 7:01 pm.

Quorum: In attendance were Bertha Perrin, Ashley Hammond, and Linda Stasik. Van Moore of APM was also present.

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Motion by Ashley Hammond, seconded by Bertha Perrin to approve the minutes of the March 16, 2017 board meeting as corrected. All in favor.

Treasurer’s Report: Bertha Perrin read the Treasurer’s Report. Motion by Ashley Hammond, seconded by Linda Stasik to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented. All in favor.

ARC – No report.

Old Business/Action Items Update:

2017-2018 Board Goals: deferred

Protecting HOA funds: Money moved last month. Complete.

Action items update: Lakeshore on Waterford lake finished. Sodding Killarney lake when Frank returns. Need bids on Island Estates clearing around lake. Bollards are here to be installed at the front and back pedestrian gateways.

New Business: Police coverage: Motion by Ashley Hammond, seconded by Linda Stasik to approve $1100 for once a month patrols throughout 2017, with an extra patrol on October 31. All in favor. The police action for March was 6 warnings and 1 citation.

Gates: Requests from homeowners to have gates opened for estate sales, open houses, etc. will be free for the first request and $25 on subsequent requests.

DPC: Lee Tibbitts and Hunter Hastings are current members. Motion by Ashley Hammond, seconded by Linda Stasik to appoint Bob Trask to the third seat on the committee. All in favor.

Weed Control: Motion by Ashley Hammond, seconded Linda Stasik to use weed eating from the 10-foot post to 6 feet from the waters edge on the park lake. All in favor. The work will be performed by Frank or BGM.

DPC Action: Motion by Ashley Hammond to send violation list with 11 violations to DPC. Motion was tabled because Van did not have the account #’s.

Van will get send everyone an “Action without a meeting form” via e-mail with the account numbers. Everyone to sign and return form to him and we will ratify it at the May meeting.

C&M Action: Motion by Ashley Hammond, seconded by Bertha Perrin to turn 5 accounts (16470, 23386, 16286, 20185 and 25310) to C&M to do title search on opinion on feasibility of collection. All in favor.

Beautification of front gates: $500 in budget. Bertha said she’d help Frank.

Pipe Issue: There is a cave in on one drainage pipe on Killarney lake. Van has called Robert at Atlantic Excavation and will call two other companies to get one here as fast as possible. Considering Gun Construction or Brevard Excavation.

SB 398 and HB 483: Suggest that we draft a letter on behalf of SLHOA that our senators and representative vote against the two bills. Perhaps Bill, Dave and/or Linda could compose the letter.

Next Meeting: Thursday, May 25, 2017 at the Moose Lodge.

Adjournment: Motion by Ashley Hammond, seconded by Linda Stasik to adjourn, all in favor. Meeting adjourned at 8:14.

Linda Stasik

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