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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
April 19, 2016
Grace Lutheran Church

Call to Order:  7:00pm

Comments from the floor: Homeowners commented on a variety of topics.

Quorum: In attendance were Bertha Perrin, Dave Cheney, Bill Hillberg and Linda Stasik. Frank Bradley of APM was also present. (15 homeowners were also present.)  *Bob Trask arrived at 7:52.
Approval of Meeting Minutes: Motion by Dave Cheney, seconded by Bertha Perrin to approve the minutes of the March 16, 2016 board meeting as presented. All in favor.

Treasurer’s Report:  Bill Hillberg reviewed the 3/31/2016 Treasurer’s Report. Motion by Dave Cheney, seconded by Bob Trask to accept the report as presented. Three in favor, Bertha Perrin opposed. Motion passed.

Old Business:

  • Street Lights: Board members and Frank will walk around the property to  locate dark spots for possible street light placement. $18-21/month/light lease.
  • Tennis Courts: New nets should be in this week.  Fence repair slated to begin  on April 20.
  • Playground: 1-2 days to install new equipment.  Frank removed two old tire  swings and will remove the last one soon.
  • Traffic Issues: BCSO will send patrols into SLHOA in the next two weeks.
  • Design Review Guidelines (DRG): Motion by Bertha Perrin, seconded by  Bill Hillberg to accept the DRG as presented.  Discussion ensued.  The motion  failed.  A copy of the DRG will be mailed out to every resident this month. * Board Member Bob Trask arrived.
  • ARC report: Jim Turner reported that 25 DRG were processed and 2 were in  review.  The ARC needs to have monthly meetings.  They will occur ten minutes  or so prior to each regular board meeting.
New Business:
  • Golf Carts: Dave has read the Brevard County Ordinance regarding golf carts.  We may need wording restricting the use of golf carts in Sunset Lakes.  Dave will  have the ordinance posted on the website. The ordinance should be included in  the mailing of the DRG to all owners.
  • Gate Opening Requests:  Opening the gates other than the first Saturday of  each month costs $25. The fee should be passed to the requestor.  Motion by  Dave Cheney, seconded by Bertha Perrin that a gate-opening request must be  submitted three business days in advance and any fee incurred will be passed to  the homeowner.  All in favor. 
  • Parking Permits: Motion by Bertha Perrin, seconded by Linda Stasik that if a  temporary waiver of the standard parking restriction is needed, an overnight  parking request must be submitted three business days prior to the event with a  maximum of seven consecutive days allowed.  All in favor.  The towing  procedure will need to be changed.
  • Audit: Bill asked about the feasibility of an audit.  Bertha read Florida Statute  720.3086.  Reviewed the financial statement requirement per the statute.  Bill  needs to get a  copy of the “Review of the financial statements” for 2014 and  2015. 
  • Chickens: Homeowner thought the issues with their pet chickens were  resolved.  She said that the County had been to her house twice and said that the  chickens were ok.
  • Basketball Hoops: DRG 4.23 Recreation Equipment and Play Set.  29 letters  had been sent out for violation of this DRG.  The Board will add qualifications to  current wording and asked that APM send out letters rescinding the violations.
  • Video Surveillance: Dave reported on a video surveillance package.  He will research bids. Current camera system is not adequate.
  • Board Compliance:  In order to be in compliance, we must have scheduled  ARC meetings, copies of all agreements including contracts and long term  agreements with all vendors on our property.  Dave will scan them onto the  website and the Secretary will store them. 
  • Old SLHOA Records: Currently costs $15/month.  We only need to keep years worth of these records.  Linda Stasik, Bertha Perrin and Pat Kerr will go to  APM to purge  the records.
Next Meeting: May 17, 2016 at the Grace Lutheran Church at 7:00. 
Adjournment:  Motion by Bertha Perrin, seconded by Linda Stasik to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 9:40.

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